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söndag 1 maj 2011

13. Symposiumi


Geenitutkimuksen sektorilla on tehty uusia löytöä. Löydetyillä uusilla geeneillä on osuutta myös autoimmuunitaudeissa kuten reumassa ja diabeteksessa. Uutta endoskooppitekniikka on kehitelty. Mitään erityisempiä suuria uusia edistysaskeleita ei ole kuitenkaan tapahtunut stitten aiempien symposiumien

Scientific update:
The programme provided an update on the current state of the art in the field of Coeliac Disease.
Progress has been made in identifying new genes that increase susceptibility for Celiac Disease. However the latest discovered genes give a small extra contribution, it is interesting that genes are found that also a role play at other auto-immune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and diabetes.
A large number of abstracts dealt with serologic tests for Coeliac Disease. The use of these tests makes it easy to perform large scale epidemiologic studies.
New endoscopic imaging techniques also show their advantages in the detection of celiac disease and its complications.
Studies on new therapeutic strategies for Celiac Disease are in progress but no major breakthroughs were shown.

For the abstracts click here.

Next symposia: There has been decided to set up a foundation for the organization of future symposia. In this foundation the organizers of the symposia in the past and the future organizers will join their strengths.

The three coming meetings are scheduled as follows:
ICDS2011 June 20-22, 2011 Oslo, Norway
ICDS2013 Chicago, USA
ICDS2015 Praque, Tsjech Republic


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