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fredag 9 oktober 2009

Influenssarokotus ja keliakia?

Should the Coeliacs be vaccinated against influenza?
October 9, 2009

* Asplenic or severe dysfunction of the spleen (including homozygous sickle-cell disease and coeliac disease.

The Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology has produced guidelines on the follow-up care of adult coeliac disease (2) in which they state:

Some degree of splenic atrophy is present in most patients with coeliac disease, and is sufficiently severe to cause peripheral blood changes in about a quarter. Patients should be considered for:
* Vaccination against pneumococcus and haemophilus influenza type b
* Vaccination against influenza
* Guidance about the increased risks attached to tropical infections e.g. malaria
* Life long prophylactic antibiotics are not recommended.”

  • Tässä käsittääkseni  suositetaan influenssarokotusta, pneumokokkirokotusta ja hemofilus inf b  rokotusta keliakikolle,kehoitetaan  huomioimaan suuremmat malariansaamisriskinsä ja käsittämään että mitään koko iän antibioottia  ei suositella.  2012-09- 04

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