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fredag 5 juni 2015

1996 Free paper Abstracts. Oats and other cereals. A126- A138

A126 Fiveryear follow-up study: use of oats and adherence to gluten-free diet. ( Kuopio, Finland)

A127.Oats for patients with dermatitis herpetiformis. (Tamper, Helsinki, Finland)

A128.  Oats in coeliac diet;  A five year follow up study. (Kuopio,. Finland)

A129.  Adult patients with coeliac disease have no antigliadin or antireticulin antibody response to oats.  (Kuopio,, Finland)

A130. The oat - celiac study in Gothenburg (Göteborg, Sweden)

A131.  Effect of heat treatment on solubility of oat proteins (Tallinn, Estland)

A132.  Contamination of rolled oats with wheat, barley and rye. (The Netherlands)

A133.  Oats and gliadin (Berne, Switzerland)

A134. Oats prolamines in vitro activate intestinal cell-mediated immunity in coeliac disease (Rome, Italy)

A135 A small ppeptide from durum wheat prevents cell agglutination induced by cereal prolamin (Rome, Italy)

A136.  MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry as a new tool to detect gliadins in food. (Madrid,. Spain)

A137. Gluten in gluten-free products (Uppsala, Sweden)

A138. Application of PCD methodology to detect wheat DNA in foodstuffs. (Budapest,, Hungary)

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