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torsdag 4 juni 2015

ISBN 952- 9705- 07-7.
  Free Paper Abstracts . All on Coeliac Disease.  Editors P Coollin, M Mäki.
Short oral presentations (Näistä minulla on luentomuistiinpanot olemassa)

Epidemiology and clinics,  A1- A8
Prolamins,  A9- A11
Pathogenesis, immunology and genetics,,  A12- A19
Poster presentations (Tampere-hallissa)
Epidemiology,  A20- A27
Clinics, A28- A46
Gluten challenge and coeliac disease latency, A477- A56
Malignancy, A57- A60
Osteopenia, A61- A66
Endocrinological diseases, A67- A75
Other associated diseases and complications, A76- A86
Case reports, A87- A92
Intestinal permeability, A93- A97
Serology A98- A125
Oats and other cereals, A126-A138
Pathogenesis, immunology and genetics, A139- A181.

Asetan nämä abstraktit ryhmänimiensa alle.  jatkossa

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